Fotografia Mozzarovi

"Mozzarovi" is a pasta filata cheese made from ewe''s milk according to a Roman recipe . In fact, Lucius Junius Moderatus Columella, in his work "De Re Rustica" (50 AD) describes this cheesemaking technique: "When the milk has slightly clotted in the milking bucket, and it is still warm, it separates from the whey and, by pouring boiling water over it, it can be hand moulded or pressed into wooden forms. It also has a pleasant taste if it is left to harden in brine, and later it is “coloured” (smoked) using the apple wood or straw smoke." Later, Apicius (1st century AD) describes a salt fish and cheese cake (Patellam tyrotaricham ex quocumque salso volueris) and mentions a soft cheese washed in hot water (caseum mollem excaldatum). This cheese is produced from whole ewe''s milk curdled using lamb rennet. The curd is cut into 1 cm pieces at 36°C (97°F). After cutting, the curd is kept under whey and left to acidify (6 to 20 hours). The acidified curd is then cut into 2 x 2 cm pieces. At this stage, hot water is added and the curd is spunned by hand quickly, stretching it and cutting the head. Mozzarrella is then cooled down to about 10°C (50°F) in cold water, salted in brine for about 5 hours and packed. This mozzarella is characterised by a white colour, a compact paste with rare holes and a fresh and acidic ewe''s milk odour and  taste.

Aziende produttrici:
•Caseificio De Juliis Enio e Figli s.r.l.

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