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The longstanding pastoral tradition of the floks that from Valle del Salto (RI) and the Cicolano Mountains between Latium and Abruzzo were moved seasonally into the Roman countryside is the origin of the firm Collefiorito La Quercia S.r.l.
In fact, this firm was founded on the initiative of the Angelini family by generations of shepherds who, making a treasure of centuries of experience and of modern technology, succeeded in ensuring the maximum in nutrition, flavor and sanitation in the manufacture of cheeses and ricotta.
The processing cycle begins in the early morning when milk is picked up from farms, some of which are located in the Roman countryside, some in the Sabine Hills, in the Aniene Valley, and some as far away as Marsica.
The milk brought to the cheese factory is carefully filtered and pasteurize using machine for the purpose.
This is how the real transformation of milk into cheese and ricotta begins. By usings various milks, processing systems, enzymes, types of rennet and seasoning time it is possible to indulge one’s whims in numerous flavors to satisfy different palates with various tastes.
The firm uses two systems to market its products:
1 - It uses its own vehicles to deliver to various supermarkets and stores in the surrounding area;
2 - It has transport companies suppling certain wholesale outlets located in Rome, in various cities in Latium and some in Abruzzo.

Via Enrico Forlanini, 37/39/41
00012 Guidonia Montecelio (RM)
Phone +39 0774 373741
Fax +39 0774 373741

I formaggi prodotti dall'azienda:
•Caciofiore di Columella della Campagna Romana
•Caciotta romana
•Pecorino stagionato in grotta
•Primo Sale
•Ricotta Romana D.O.P.

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