Azienda Agricola Tinte Rosse
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The company is located in the Sabina Romana, in the municipality of Montelibretti, and rears goats alongside olive groves and forages. At present, there are approximately two hundred and thirty Maltese goats. The management of the farm is focused on the choice of this breed since it is well adapted to the environment of the estate, on the proper housing, that allows to optimize animal welfare both in shelters and exterior access, and food choices that favours pasture, hays from the surrounding area and GMO FREE feed, mainly composed of cereals and protein, with the exception of soya. The production is based on the Italian dairy tradition, referring to cheeses that are specifically designed for goat's milk, such as Cacioricotta and Robiola, and adapting some technologies used for other types of cheese, such as that Stracchino, Primo Sale and semi-cooked cheese. The company also produces goat milk for direct use that is pasteurized and bottled in 1 litre and 0.5 litre bottles 

Località Tinte Rosse, snc
00010 Montelibretti (RM)
Phone +39 320 0221447 - 334 7185779

I formaggi prodotti dall'azienda:
•Primo Sale

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