Caseificio De Juliis Enio e Figli s.r.l.
Fotografia Caseificio De Juliis Enio e Figli s.r.l.

“Evolved craftsmen”. This is how the De Juliis brothers define themselves, happily telling of their working day, which begins at 5 AM when it is still dark outside, and continues until sunset, when they can relax and even enjoy the fruit of their labour at dinnertime. Each day they transform 1 tonne of fresh milk produced by animals bred in the Roman Countryside. They come from a line of shepherds that maintain almost lost traditions, such as that of migratory herding. The dairy plant has been active since 1968 and it is periodically renovated in order to conform to European legislation. It produces 13 kinds of cheese, a vast range that can satisfy even the most demanding palate. However, the De Juliis confess their preference for “Soldo di Cacio”, a delicious 700-800 g (1,65 lb) Marzolina.


Via Giovanni Gregorio Mendel, 151
00134 Rome
Phone +39 06 7139146
Fax +39 1782207362

I formaggi prodotti dall'azienda:
•Caciofiore di Columella della Campagna Romana
•Caciotta romana
•Pecorino cenerino
•Pecorino incastagnato
•Pecorino sotto paglia e fieno
•Pecorino sotto vinacce
•Pecorino stagionato grande forma
•Pecorino stagionato in grotta
•Pressato a mano di Columella della Campagna Romana
•Primo Sale

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